A few words about myself

Starting with a solid background in graphic design and the goal to join the game industry I was lucky to experience multiple roles within the art production pipeline early. Entering as texture artist at a small start-up I soon started creating asset concepts and interface designs. After setting an original direction for the project I was moving into my first managerial role as a lead, starting with 2 direct reports.

The next defining challenge lead me to Scotland, where I was proud to work along famous game veterans on an ambitious 3rd person MMO. This marked one of the most defining experiences in my career. Not only did I successfully secure a permanent role in their art team, I also created the essential iconography sets that are implemented to this day and supported the design of their famous customization feature, which was one of its kind at the time.

Returning to Germany the next experience marked my first step into F2P, luckily starting with hands-on UI work for the main revenue driving games of this new strongly growing company. After the successful redesign of various interfaces in addition to leading the first redesign of their sensible payment process, I was diving head on into my first large managerial role with the intention of establishing proper UI/UX design across projects and studios.

At the peak of the company’s growth I had the honor to manage a local team of 8 artists across multiple disciplines in the studio's central art department, later growing to over 60+ across all studios and projects. The main goals included pushing best practices and establishing a trustful point of contact for the art teams. The role continued to develop rapidly and fluidly with the company, that started into a much-needed change process.

Welcoming the new challenge, I extended my skillset once again and now apply my experience to heading art for live projects and main revenue drivers of the studio. During the last 2 years I directed the marketing vision of a high anticipated mobile game and lead multiple optimization initiatives in art production pipelines, including outsourcing and automation. This and managing our Art Directors during the last months were extremely exciting and continue to keep me on my toes - as there is never an end to growth and learning.

Today I am using the accumulated knowledge of game design, interface design, automation and an agile mindset to help Accenture's clients face numerous challenges - inside and outside. This presents a mind-blowing opportunity to extend and acquire new skills, build a network and engage in amazing projects across Europe. As a new member of the Innovation Branch and around truly incredible skilled and passionate people, I can do what I love and be part of something big

Favorite Games

I am really excited about the following games:

Sid Meier's Civilization
Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Half Life
Pac Man
World of Tanks
Clash of Clans