Hi, I am Oliver
Art Director & UI Designer
for games



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crazychicken interface sample keyvisual

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Flash based mmo

Visual concept and design of the game's user interface master including HUD.

The game is based on the strong german IP "Moorhuhn" and aimed at a jung casual player audience. Following this concept the master was developed to be colorful and simple, allowing for a very user friendly experience.

My primary job was to create the master files to be used as templates by another developer team. This work included the HUD, a component and a few screen master.

The goal was to create non destructive and size independent user interface master files that allowed easy and quick reproduction by another party.

crazychicken interface sample 1

crazychicken interface sample 2

Senior UI Artist


Spieleprojekte sind immer eine Kooperation vieler talentierter Entwickler. Natürlich können einzelne Arbeitsproben auch Elemente anderer Entwickler enthalten. In dem Fall gebe ich mein Bestes dies auch deutlich anzugeben.