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2011, Bigpoint GmbH
zoomumba mobile interface sample keyvisual

© Bigpoint GmbH

iOS/Android based puzzle game

Visual concept and design of the game's user interface.

The game has been my first full user interface job for mobile and gave me fundamental insight into mobile application development. The game is targeted for iOS and Android based devices and aimed at a jung casual player audience.

The initial design was cancelled due to inconsistencies and I was assigned to start clean. The sources were set up using best practice techniques and in a non destructive way, making it easy for the artist to pick it right up where I left off.

The Zoomumba branded puzzle game is available in the google app store. The app was created for iOS and Android and therefore required a general interface to accommodate the habits of many users types.

zoomumba mobile interface sample 1


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Spieleprojekte sind immer eine Kooperation vieler talentierter Entwickler. Natürlich können einzelne Arbeitsproben auch Elemente anderer Entwickler enthalten. In dem Fall gebe ich mein Bestes dies auch deutlich anzugeben.