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Hocus Puzzle

2016, Bigpoint GmbH
Master keyvisual

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Art Direction Marketing Art

Art Direction of hi res marketing assets based on low res 2D game material for the match 3 puzzle game Hocus Puzzle. The master concept is used for world wide launch, social channels and initial banner campaigns.

With help from 2 concept artists we fleshed out a few scenes. After discussing with various stakeholders a outstanding 3D artists started to build the environmnet and characters required based on ingame assets. The scene went through many iterations regarding composition and content. The last iterations were mostly color and post effects until we settled for a scene that reflects the meta game: the fight between the witch and the evil wizard.

Art direction included the creation of a total of 5 characters, the rendered environment, the App Icon and a few styleguides, used in part in the launch trailers.

Only through the work of these outstanding artists we were able to reach this high quality level: M. Kreitschik, C. Ancot , L. Haupt, Q. Viazac and many more.

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Spieleprojekte sind immer eine Kooperation vieler talentierter Entwickler. Natürlich können einzelne Arbeitsproben auch Elemente anderer Entwickler enthalten. In dem Fall gebe ich mein Bestes dies auch deutlich anzugeben.