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toonracer interface sample keyvisual

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A beautiful Unity based racing game


Visual concept and design of the game's user interface.

This innovative unity based multiplayer racing game was aimed at young players and came with a unique toon style and impressive ingame graphics. Later in production it was re-adjusted to the Facebook audience and designed to work in smaller resolutions. The game was also ported to mobile, creating new challenges and requirements for the artists.

My primary job was to create the initial style and color concepts, design the Hud and provide various animatics in Flash to demonstrate the user interface dynamic touch and feel, which it follows until now.

The master files were later adopted by another artist who did a great job in translating them into the Facebook and Mobile versions.


toonracer interface sample 1

toonracer interface sample 2

toonracer interface sample 3



Games are usually a team effort. The work shown may contain elements from other talented artists or other material. Wherever possible I will mention within the details who did what.