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Deaf internet

2003, Macromedia Cologne
deaf flash interface sample 1

© Macromedia Academy

Learning application for deaf kids introducing basic internet technologies

Visual concept and design of the game's user interface.

This project aimed at deaf kids was created during the course Media Designer at Macromedia Academy Cologne. The goal was to create a full content application preparing the user for internet usage, including technology and concept. The lectures were presented combining prerecorded professional sign language with images and animations.

2 additional students supported me with organisation, material production (video) and management.

Most notably, the project essentially turned out to teach me a lesson regarding the deaf culture!

deaf flash interface sample 2

deaf flash interface sample 3

deaf flash interface sample 4

Macromedia Academy Cologne


Games are usually a team effort. The work shown may contain elements from other talented artists or other material. Wherever possible I will mention within the details who did what.