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2004, University of Bradford
seed flash interface sample keyvisual

© University of Bradford

Atmospheric application/ experimental flash game

This flash based application was aimed to create in depth immersion utilizing various media.

The concept behind the application, which takes a "snap shot" every few seconds, and records your activity and care towards the seed, was to create an atmospheric and sentimental experience. The application later draws a tree shape according to the way the user has "cared" for the seed and "played" with the user interface before.

The application and material was created entirely by myself, except the music, which was taken from a musician website with free tracks for non commercial use.

seed flash interface sample 1

seed flash interface sample 2

seed flash interface sample 3

University of Bradford
Deaf internet

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Games are usually a team effort. The work shown may contain elements from other talented artists or other material. Wherever possible I will mention within the details who did what.