Hi, I am Oliver
Art Director & UI Designer
for games


Pro Evo Golf

2009, GPI AG
golf game interface sample keyvisual


Detailed multiplayer golf simulation

Visual concept and design of the game's user interface including HUD.

This Trinigy Vision engine based multiplayer golf simulation sports game for pc was aimed at serious golf enthusiast, that expected the realism and thrill of real golf. The user interface style was to be light weight, easy to maintain, and stylish.

My primary job was to concept and design the entire user interface, including HUD, in accordance with the client and fellow developers. The work also included mood shots and edited game screenshots to help define the overall look and feel of the game.

golf game interface char selection sample 1

golf game interface main menu sample 2

golf game interface hud context sensitive sample 3

golf game interface highscore sample 4

golf game interface customization sample 5

golf game interface skill tree sample 6

golf game interface customization sample 7

golf game interface sample 8

golf game interface sample 9

Matte paintings
Texture Artist


Games are usually a team effort. The work shown may contain elements from other talented artists or other material. Wherever possible I will mention within the details who did what.