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2010, Realtime Worlds/EA
apb interface sample keyvisual

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Multiplayer online game

My primary job was to support the Lead UI Artist in redesigning and re-skinning the entire user interface. The final UI design was created by Realtime Worlds Lead UI Artist, after going through a few initial designs in the years before. My job was to pick up the target style and apply it to each screen in the unreal interface editor.

Hired as contract UI Artist I was working with the Unreal Interface Editor and was in charge of the game iconography and various UI screens.

A few month later I have been offered a permanent position as Senior UI Designer and attended gamescom 2010 in cologne as the only Realtime Worlds staff presenting APB to the public.

Only after Realtime went bankrupt and development was picked up a few months later by a new owner, the game went free to play.

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Senior UI Artist
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Games are usually a team effort. The work shown may contain elements from other talented artists or other material. Wherever possible I will mention within the details who did what.