Head of Art/UI

Bigpoint GmbH, Mar 2014 – Nov 2017

Heading the central art department with focus on optimization, automation and outsourcing with up to 60+ artists

Heading the art department, consisting now of a large team of talented concept, 2D and UI Artists. I am reporting directly to the creative director and try to be both enthusiastic and critical. I am trying to push a studio art culture that exists next to today's challenges such as outsourcing.

  • Reporting to the Creative Director
  • Weekly Art review for 27 UI, 2D and concept artists
  • Artist recruitment & recommendation
  • Art advice & guidance new and live products
  • Art direction for pitches (Major IP's)
  • Artist development and career evaluation (Performance feedback & Guidance)
  • UI pipeline, documentation process optimization
  • Artist training (UI, 2D)
  • Art direction & improvement payment & board design
  • Best practice and art template creation
  • Weekly report and critical evaluations to the creative director
  • Pushing art culture, community and perception
  • Regular communication with management, products, artists, human resources, developers, ux
  • Art Pipeline & Risk evaluation

If you're interested in working with us, please let me know.