Studio Lead UI

Bigpoint GmbH, Sep 2011 - Mar 2014

Leading UI across all products and multiple studios with focus on hiring, optimization and user experience with over 10+ artists


Growing my soft and managerial skills I took the role of Studio Lead UI which basically put me - and my colleagues for 3D and Concept - in the position of leading the entire studio’s art disciplines across the products. As the name suggests organisational efforts overtook hands-on creation of art.

As Studio UI Lead at Bigpoint in Hamburg I am involved in - or at least aware of - any User interface within our games. The art style varies by genre from core to casual. Managerial tasks have strongly increased, but once in a while I can get my hands dirty too.

Bigpoints huge portfolio creates a thrilling and always changing artistic environment, that requires fast perception. Keeping up to date with common user interface design guidelines is a must - and a lot of fun.

Template creation, process optimization and documentation take up most of my time. Fortunately I improved my communication skills quickly, constantly striving for new challenges. If you're interested in User Interface Design and can imagine working with us, please let me know.


  • Weekly Art review for 14 UI & 2D artists
  • UI artist recruitment & recommendation
  • UI advice & guidance new and live products
  • UI artist development and career evaluation (Performance feedback & Guidance)
  • UI pipeline, documentation process optimization
  • Artist training (UI, 2D)
  • Art direction & improvement payment & board design
  • Best practice and UI art template creation
  • Weekly report and critical evaluations to the Head of Art
  • Pushing art culture, community and perception
  • Regular communication with management, products, artists, human resources, developers, ux
  • Various presentations (Pitch, Process, Training)